Mission: Health

Our Mission

We exist to provide underserved and under-resourced people in New Jersey free access to medical services. For this reason, we aim every homeless person in New Jersey can receive compassionate and qualified medical care, no matter who they are.

Garden State Street Medicine Doctors Volunteering
Garden State Street Medicine Medical Help for Homeless

How Do We Do It

We have created a Targeted, Holistic, Continuous and Free approach:

GSSM’s targeted and holistic approach works with board-certified physicians, who are specially prepared to work with the underserved. Our registered physicians hold bi-monthly medical visits to Emergency Shelters & the homeless in the streets in order to improve the health & quality of life of unsheltered people. These services are provided through a network of medical volunteers, making medical care accessible and free to all people living in emergency shelters & the homeless in the streets, no matter their situation.


Persons identifying as Black or African-American and those identifying as American Indian or Alaska Native are over-represented in the population experiencing homelessness. For persons identifying as Black or African American, while 13% of the state population, they represent 49% of the population experiencing homelessness. Similarly, persons identifying as American Indian/Alaska Native represent .1% of the state population and .6% of the population experiencing homelessness.


Garden State Street Medicine Volunteer Medical Help for Homeless

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